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Chronic Sinusitis doesn't have to be something that you just learn to "deal with." You deserve relief, and through a simple, effective procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, you can have it!

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The non-invasive, in-office Clarifix treatment can provide long-lasting relief from congestion and stuffiness due to chronic runny nose. Discover sophisticated option to treat chronic rhinorrhea.

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Balloon Sinuplasty is a highly effective treatment for chronic sinusitis. Hear from other sinus sufferers about their experiences with this effective, breakthrough procedure.

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Over the last decade, Balloon Sinuplasty changed all the negative perception people had about sinus procedures. A tiny balloon enlarges the sinus opening and then is removed, permanently improving sinus drainage, all without cutting or removing tissue.Dr. Ray Weiss, considered a pioneer in the field, performed the second Balloon Sinuplasty case in the US. Since that case in 2005, he has authored many papers on Balloon Sinuplasty, lectured around the world, and trained many physicians on the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. Dr. Ray Weiss has performed more Balloon Sinuplasty procedures than any other physician in the world.In 2005, he founded the original Sinuplasty Center of Excellence, and remains the medical director. The addition of Dr. Paul Niolet (Allergy / Immunology) and Angelle Lowery PA-C (Rhinology) solidifies the dedication to providing the highest standard of care for your nasal health concerns.

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Dr. Weiss founded the Sinuplasty Center of Excellence in 2005, three months following his performing the second balloon sinuplasty case in the United States. Since that time, the Center has continued to expand and now includes a fellowship trained allergy immunologist (Dr. Niolet), low-dose radiation CT scanner and dedicated state-of-the-art procedure room for performing and teaching sinuplasty and nasal procedures. The Center continues to be a site of ongoing medical research and where innovative new medical devices are initially developed.

At the Sinuplasty Center of Excellence, our primary focus is your relief. We specialize in providing comprehensive care for your nasal problems, including state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, medical and surgical treatments. Time is dedicated to individualizing a treatment plan for each patient, while placing an emphasis on patient education. Education empowers patients to take control of their nasal problems, improving their quality of life. Our clinics are located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Ocean Springs and Biloxi.

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You've suffered for years with recurring infections. The pain and pressure from nasal congestion simply don't seem to go away.

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