Rhinorrhea: When a Stubborn Runny Nose Won’t Go Away

You may experience a runny nose caused by a cold or a seasonal allergy. However, if you find yourself facing a constant nasal drip for no apparent reason, you may be experiencing chronic rhinorrhea. If you are suffering from chronic rhinorrhea, you may feel a chronic drainage in the back of your throat, and find yourself constantly dabbing your nose with a tissue.

ClariFix®: A Non-Invasive, In-Office Treatment for
Chronic Nasal Stuffiness and Congestion

The sophisticated Clarifix treatment freezes a small spot in your nose.

Clinically-proven to:
Decrease runny nose
Reduce congestion
Reduce use of sinus and allergy medication

"I’ve had patients who are now a year out and still have great improvement of their symptoms following Clarifix."
- Dr. Raymond Weiss

This fast, effective treatment can provide long-lasting relief from chronic runny nose due to stuffiness and congestion. Patients return to normal activity the very next day.

Rhinorrhea Patient

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Get Effective Relief for Congestion and Chronic Runny Nose
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Medical Treatment

In most cases, rhinorrhea will clear up on its own. Saline nasal sprays and vasoconstrictor nasal sprays may be helpful for relieving symptoms, but may constrict blood vessels in the nose, leading to rebound nasal congestion.

Nasal irrigation – flushing the nasal cavity regularly with salty water or over-the-counter (OTC) saline solutions – can help to prevent rhinorrhea.

For allergy-related cases of rhinorrhea caused by histamine buildup, antihistamines are available as an (OTC) treatment option.

Surgical Treatment

Ask your allergy care specialist for more information about the range of treatments available to treat rhinorrhea.