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What are Turbinates?

The turbinates are structures made of bone and soft tissue on the side wall of the inside of the nose which help warm and moisturize the air that we breathe. Enlargement of the inferior turbinates (hypertrophic turbinates) can block nasal airflow. An evaluation of your symptoms and a thorough nasal examination by your nasal care specialist can diagnose enlarged inferior turbinates.

Medical Treatment

Your doctor may recommend medications to treat enlarged inferior turbinates. Medications can help reduce the size of the turbinates and can help to improve nasal obstruction for many patients. If symptoms persist following medical treatment, your doctor may recommend surgery to shrink the turbinates in size.

Surgical Treatment

Turbinate reduction surgery may be performed as an in-office procedure, or in an operating room. Different techniques which may be used to reduce the turbinates include cauterization, coblation, radiofrequency reduction, microdebrider resection, and partial resection. Following surgery, the turbinate it will be much smaller in size as it heals. Occasionally, turbinate tissue may re-grow and the procedure may need to be repeated. In some cases, nasal packing may be utilized during the healing process.

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