TruDi™ Image Guidance for Balloon Sinus Treatment

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TruDi™ Image Guidance

Innovative 3D Navigation Is Advancing Balloon Sinus Treatment Technology

Acclarent (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) has developed TruDi™, a real-time, three-dimensional navigation system for Ear Nose & Throat procedures performed in the operating room and in the ENT office. 1 The electromagnetic image-guided navigation system is used for endoscopic sinus procedures and surgeries like Balloon Sinuplasty which treats chronic sinusitis. 2  TruDi™ image guidance incorporates microsensor technology, innovative tracking hardware and software tools to enable precise placement of surgical instruments and devices relative to the patient’s preoperative CT scan. 1

A Real Enhancement for Balloon Sinuplasty

TruDi™ is the first true 3D navigation platform in otolaryngology that has proprietary navigation-enabled balloons and instruments.  It constructs a 3D visual of the sinuses to give ENT surgeons an accurate, simple and reliable option for their endoscopic sinus procedures. 1 It also enables the use of RELIEVA SPINPLUS® NAV, the first 3D navigation-enabled Balloon Sinuplasty System for the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

The technology for TruDi™ is adapted from groundbreaking cardiac mapping technology built for navigation of complex chambers within the beating heart where there is virtually no direct visualization. 1

What TruDi™ Image Guidance Means to You, the Patient

Dr.  Ray Weiss has participated as part of the team to test and use the new technology.  The system enables him to view 3D models of the patient’s sinuses to plot procedure paths with greater accuracy - very important in a space as small as a sinus cavity!  TruDi™ also gives Dr. Weiss visual confirmation that the procedure was successful. 3

Dr. Weiss’s practice is one of only four Acclarent training sites across the country and has one of the first in-office TruDi™ image guidance systems installed anywhere.  In addition to using the TruDi™ navigation system with patient procedures, Dr. Weiss also uses it in teaching other physicians how to apply 3D technology to improve treatments for sinus disease.

Maintaining Excellence in Sinus Treatment on the Gulf Coast

Continuing his primary focus to reach and help patients suffering from sinus and nasal problems, Dr. Weiss stays at the forefront of advances in treatment for chronic sinusitis and other Ear Nose & Throat conditions to provide his patients with the least invasive and most effective solutions available.

Let Dr. Weiss find the solution to your Ear Nose & Throat Problem.

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